Sunday, November 3, 2013

Seeding in Iran

The wonderfully intrepid Annelies took to Seeding the Cloud whilst travelling in Iran.  If you were thinking it was impossible to do in your neighbourhood take some inspiration from Annelies!!

Seeding in Canberra

One of my intentions for this project was for others to take it on and work the process in their own neighbourhood with their on network and i am really pleased with how this has been happening of late. Loving the way Zoe Brand took it on as part of her Personal Space Project and the conversation we had about the project which you can find here.

Seeding Hong Kong

Seeding the Cloud has had several international outings of late. Here are some images of some students seeding in HongKong. Loving the way they documented their experience -  in working situ and what they made on the body.