Tuesday, July 19, 2011

images of seeding the cloud on the body

I am working through the design of an instruction booklet in preparation for more extensive public interaction with the project. Recently I was fortunate to have documentation taken of the process in action by the generous and very talented photographer Alison Bennett. She also took some great images of the test piece being worn.
I love the way Alison captured this work on the body. It always feels a bit risky when you hand your work over to a photographer (well to anyone actually) as you can never be sure how they will interpret it. I loved the way Alison worked with this piece, placing it around the body covering the back and front, almost as if the body were a landscape to be chartered in itself, such an intelligent response.
The work is modeled by Alison's daughter Mieke who was totally cool and gorgeous. She didn't seem to blink an eyelid at the proposition of wearing something a bit weird and made from..... well rubbish.
The piece is quite dynamic when worn, it makes a beautiful sound - sorry no sound file!
Have a look at more of Alison's work here http://alisonbennett.net/

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