Thursday, August 30, 2012

Seeding the Cloud coming to a neighbourhood near you!!

AT LAST!!!! Seeding the Cloud coming to a neighbourhood near you!! 

I am about to kick off the next phase of this project by touring Seeding the Cloud to other* cities. 
The idea being that through installation, workshops, artist talks, social networking, informal gatherings, and so on I will gather together a group of collaborators who are interested in working the project concept/process in their own neighbourhood, amoungst family, friends and or strangers. Later in the week there will be opportunities for collaborators to participate in trialling a range of tactics to mobilize the project. The exploration will allow for alternate interpretations, forms and means of distribution to arise. Can't wait!!  
This adventurous next step will be sited in and around Object Space and Artstation in Auckland New Zealand from 28th September to 14th November. I will be in Auckland for the first two weeks and if you are interested in be involved more, think you might like to learn the process and or want to become a collaborator read the information below listing the initial contact events for the project. 
Oh and by the way spread the word!!

(P.S. All skill levels welcome in the workshops!!)

*not quite a world tour thus far but happy to make it one....

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