Monday, October 8, 2012

Seeding Auckland: Day One Indoor Workshop

In preparation for Seeding Auckland I planned a few 'small-scale' public events, located, initially creating a project hub in and around Ponsonby. The events offered over several days were devised to allow for  indoor/outdoor training/making sessions and information sharing sessions. Artist talks were given (at the gallery as a separate event, and combined with the indoor training session) to contextualise the project within jewellery and environmental concerns and to allow for discussion.

Not all jewellers enjoy talking about their work but in relation to this project I feel its an integral component of the project. Its the story telling aspect of it that i think is important for engaging curiosity and its another way to encourage participants that next step, get involved, skill up and potentially take the project on and create something similar or alternatively something else with it.

The  Seeding Auckland events began with an indoor workshop at Art Station, a community art space on Ponsonby Rd conveniently located opposite the Objectspace galleries.  Holding an indoor workshop might seem counter intuitive to the objectives I developed early on for this project, i.e that I gather the material and worked with it in the environment in which it was found.  However I have found offering an indoor option has the potential to attract those who are less aware or experienced in contemporary jewellery, or those who are less inclined to leap into making jewellery in public.  It also has the advantage of allowing enough time to complete a necklace, (which is something that doesn't tend to happen within a similar time frame on the walks I host) and interestingly for me attendees have gone on and continued the project in their own neighbourhoods - which was a key objective of the project!  Working indoors is also the most reliable or weather proof option and fortunately on this day it also suited my state of health.  I was recovering from a cold I had caught on the plane on my way over.

The room we worked in at Art Station was ideal, big tables, natural light from north facing windows (from which we could see the rain lightly falling), handy to toilets and a kitchen for hot drinks next door.  Bookings were light for this event, perhaps due its timing on a Friday and school holidays hadn't started, although interestingly those who did attend were all jewellers.
Most people are fingers and thumbs when beginning the process, no matter what their level of experience.  
Loving Sharon's inclusion of the spoon
 I enjoy giving instruction on my approach to the technique, especially relaying the finer details of what i have learnt from doing this process over and over.  I also love it when others are less concerned with how i do it and begin to innovate - find some expression of their own.
Also loving Cheryls zig-zag threading 

In fact what I notice is everyone manages to come up with some form of variation when they combine the fragments, beads and thread. It doesn't seem to matter how much experience the maker has everyone responds with their own interpretation when it comes to stringing things together - and they seem to find enjoyment in doing so!

Thank you Sharon, Cheryl and Ingrid for a great morning!

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